Your private bathroom should be everything you want it to be and more as a place where you can recharge at the end of a long day. If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom in Sacramento soon, you may be wondering just how to make that dream a reality. Updating the owner's bathroom suite to better reflect your needs starts with a choice.

Decide What You Want Out of Your Bathroom

Before moving forward with your bathroom remodel, you'll need to decide what it is that you want out of that space. Every homeowner has unique requirements for their bathroom, from accessibility to luxury. Sometimes, they want the best of both features and more. For instance, a walk-in tub installation can also boast soothing hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy in one.

You'll have a better time tracking down the right remodeler to work on your bathroom if you know what you want out of the final result.

Get Help Tackling that Renovation Sooner Rather than Later

Don't put off looking for a bathroom remodeling company in Sacramento. Getting a professional bathroom contractor to work on your home will ensure the best outcome. However, contracting companies can be booked for months in advance. 

If you want to get to work on your project as soon as possible research contractors first and then hire someone before moving onto the next part of your design process.

Consider the Overall Bathroom Design

After you hire a bathroom remodeler, the next task is picking out the design elements and features of your new bathtub enclosure. During the design stage of any renovation, it's important to consider how well your updates work with the rest of the bathroom decor. 

If you have a minimalist bathroom, a more traditional bathtub or shower enclosure can be jarring to the eye. However, a minimalist or understated bath enclosure can usually fit with many other bathroom styles, including modern or traditional. 

If you are only replacing one part of the bathroom, a good way to help your updates blend with the rest of the bathroom is by tieing together colors, patterns, and textures. Pick one of the colors in the rest of the bathroom to use in your bath enclosure. Consider continuing tile textures in the wall surround. Or, make sure the finish on the bathtub hardware matches the sink and vice versa.

Focus on a Few Key Details

For a bathroom remodel that really pops, finish the space by incorporating a few eye-catching details throughout. The kind of detail and style will depend a lot on your preference and the bathrooms' style. 

You may want to highlight a certain color, like gold, pink, blue, or forest green. Consider choosing a wall surround pattern with that color in it. Add a few paintings with it. Or pick up a set of bath towels in that shade. 

Another option may be to highlight different elements of the bathroom style, such as incorporating features associated with an urban/industrial bathroom. This can include selecting dark bronze hardware in an older design. Consider installing light fixtures with exposed incandescent bulbs. Or, use dark colors and metallic elements throughout the room.

The key is to build on your bathroom design by focusing on one or two features associated with your chosen theme or bathroom style. As a result, you'll have an appealing and inviting space.

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