Are you considering a bathroom renovation? Maybe you're updating your home, or you’ve realized that your current setup just isn’t working the way you want. You can add value to your home by making small changes. A bathroom remodel is a popular way homeowners choose to add value and function to their space. Here are three ways you can tell if your bathroom is in need of a remodel.

1. Your Bathroom Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

One of the first steps you should take before starting large renovations is to understand what you’re looking for in your home. You can save time and money by making smaller changes rather than tearing out a room. Changing paint colors, adding a new bathtub, and creating more storage are popular methods for revamping a bathroom.

2. You Want to Switch to a Shower or Tub

Sometimes a bathroom renovation is as simple as installing a new shower or tub. Installing a shower is a great way to add convenience to your home. Whether you’re looking for a large, relaxing shower system or a small, convenient system, showers can make getting ready quicker and easier.

If you have children and pets, or you want a place to relax, replacing your bathtub is a great choice. By adding accessories and changing fixtures, a new bathtub can make your home feel like a spa. You can even add accessibility to your home by replacing your tub with a therapeutic, jetted walk-in.

3. You Want to Modernize Your Home

Is your bathroom out of date? While it may seem easier to change your entire room, small changes can have a large impact. Some easy ways you can modernize your bathroom include:

  • Painting: As color trends change each year, fresh paint is one of the best ways to stay on trend. Add tranquility to your space with neutrals or soft greens. Or opt for a moody color palette with deep greys and blues.
  • Changing Fixtures: Consider switching out your hardware and fixtures to a new style. Modernize your home with matte black, brushed metals, or mixed metals.
  • Adding Lighting: Lighting can make a room feel completely different. While cool lighting can make a room feel brighter, warm lighting can make a bathroom feel cozier.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Contact a Professional Bathroom Remodeler!

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