Got an older shower enclosure? Not sure if it is time to replace it? At Rose Remodeling, homeowners often come to us with questions about when to get a new shower installed in their bathrooms.

The truth is you can usually keep a shower for decades as long as it is well-maintained. But even the most durable materials will wear out with time and daily use. We recommend customers replace their showers when they have problems such as:

1. Reoccurring Mold or Mildew

If your shower enclosure has a reoccurring issue with mold and mildew, you might want to replace it. Old enclosures can have moisture problems that allow mildew to grow in cracks around the walls, pan, and even in the doors. Mold is both unsightly, and also a potential health hazard.

2. Cracked & Damaged Shower Pan

Sometimes the shower is cracked or has a visible hole in the shower pan or wall surround. These openings allow water through to the walls behind your shower causing moisture and mold problems. Not to mention it's a tripping hazard that could lead to injuries if you fall in the shower.

3. Leaky Hardware

With repeated use the shower handles and faucets can also wear out. The handle can stick in place and be hard to use. Or the faucet can leak no matter how much you tighten the handles. When you get a shower replacement, you can also have us replace the hardware to eliminate leaks for the future.

Making Updates to an Outdated Shower Enclosure

Another reason customers opt for a shower replacement is to give this enclosure a much needed style update. Older showers may have design elements that are obviously from previous decades like the 70s, 80s, or 90s. If you want your home to feel modern or timeless, you may want to install a new shower with a more classic design.

For More About a Shower Replacement from Rose Remodeling

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