If you are finding your bathroom space boring or plain, adding textures around your bathroom can transform it without spending a fortune. Rose Remodeling has a top-rated design team that has put together some affordable bathroom texture upgrading tips. You will love what a little bit of texture does to your bathroom space. Do not hesitate to try something a little bit out of your comfort zone, you may just love it!

Live Plants

Plants are a great addition to any space, and when they live in your bathroom, they are easier to water on a consistent basis. Start by looking for bathroom plants that work well in your current space and will not over grow their surroundings. You will also want to pick plants that do well in environments that get humid. Some plants are even good for you when added around your shower head and amplified by steam.

Wall Paper

It may be surprising to some people but wallpaper is making its way back into home remodeling. When picking out the perfect bathroom wallpaper make sure to check that it is waterproof! This can be a fun and easy way to add something extra to your bathroom space. If wallpaper is too much for you, adding a pop of color with some paint can have the same effect.

Towels And Other Accessories

Accessories can do a lot for any space and some of them you probably already need for your bathroom. Items like towels and toothbrush holders can be made in bold colors to add accents around a plain bathroom. These items can also be tied in with a shower curtain to pull the whole room together perfectly.

Texture to Your Shower Surrounds

At Rose Remodeling our favorite way to add textures to bathrooms is through updating your bathtub and shower surrounds! Our bathroom remodeling company offers a variety of excellent bathroom products that come in a great selection of styles. This is a great solution if you already need a bathroom update. You can even change up your bathtub with a shower conversion. All you have to do to get started is call Rose Remodeling for a free estimate service.