Roofing damage sprouts up from all types of different issues. Here are some tips to catch those issues early, and save yourself a ton of money on repairs.

What Causes Susceptibility to Roofing Damage?

Poor Installation

When the roof was installed initially, chances are it wasn’t installed properly if there are quick-developing problems. This likely will precede you even own the home, as the previous owners may have hired contractors with less experience. Rarely, you’ll see this end up needing to be fully replaced.

However, in the case you’re looking into a new roof installation entirely, do your homework on the contractors you want to work with. Decades in the business don’t always mean they’re right for the job. For example, a contractor with two decades of experience in the industry, but shingle-only roofing installations aren’t always going to be the right fit.

In those circumstances, finding a roofer with experience and versatility is going to make a huge difference for you in cost. This is direct because of how much efficiency impacts completion time. They may quote you lower rates per hour, but end up taking twice the time an experienced professional does. Also, your cost is directly determined by the project’s parameters as well.

For example, some roofers may be able to patch the mold that caused your roofing damage while they replace the property’s roof. However, that isn’t always the case. Be careful picking your company. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a professional relationship that doesn’t work.


The climate and inclement weather are other major factors. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do about the weather. The best work you can do on your end is to minimize the potential for surfaces to be affected by this weather. How? With strong upkeep on your property.

Maintenance to Stay Consistent With to Avoid Roofing Damage

Cleaning Surfaces

First, you need to clean your surfaces. Keeping the siding, gutters, and roof as clean as you can go a long way. Even if this is just putting some time in for power washing occasionally, you’re going to see much less damage pop up. Although, don’t wash with too much force. Water damage is something you need to avoid as much as possible.

Identify Broken Shingles in Your Roofing Damage

Also, broken shingles are never good. Think of it as a chink in the armor. For example, say you have heavy rainfall over the course of two or three nights. That rain wouldn’t put your roof at any risk with a secure roof. However, even just one open slot leaves the roof exposed to interior damage. This is where you’ll start to see water damage mold build up in the attic. Luckily, we have some quick solutions.

Give us a call today to assess your property firsthand. We can provide quick roofing installations, as well as patch any paint chipping as well. Also, our work can range from large to small. Whether it’s remodeling every bathroom in a home, or just replacing a few broken shingles, we will get the job done with courtesy and speed.

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